Hi everyone, thank you for another great week at ISY. I have enjoyed my chats with individuals this week in regards to goal setting. It is great to get to know you all a little better.


Grade 3 Grade level meeting today. They were discussing how to get along with each other. Great work Grade 3!


The above is a great article it is titled  ‘What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look, Sounds, and Feel Like’?


Reminder to ensure all your parents have signed up


The new duty schedule will take action on Monday. Thank you all for your comments on the draft schedule that we have been using this week.

  • Remember to wear the yellow vest when on duty. They are available in the lost property room.


Will be on service learning. Mike will be sending you out a document prior to the meeting. It will be in Stephen’s room.


In Brett’s KG room at 7:20am on Tuesday. See you there!


17th at 8:15


Thank you to those who have been sending students to the office.


Turnstiles will be down starting Monday, don’t forget your ID!


Reserve the 4th October for the annual Math Night. Like Back to School you may wish to present in teams. If doing it individually ensure you discuss as a team for consistency. Time will be discussed at the next Team Leaders meeting.


  • Peace assembly next week 8-48 to 9.20 in the Gym.
  • We will start our first ESLR activity event in October. These will be rotational events that will happen 4 times during the year – October, November, January and April. The students will be divided into colour groups and lower and upper elementary groups. This requires people to find a partner and sign up to lead an activity.

Thank you to Becca for agreeing to organise this. Becca will be sharing a Google Doc with you on Monday afternoon so that you can sign up on before the end of next week. If you have not signed up or there is no more space left, don’t worry we will assign you a role. Thank you in advance for helping with these events. This should be a great learning experience and fun for all.


We are pleased to announce that Naw Centuria will be joining our ISY family starting today in her role as Music Teaching Assistant. Centuria has been working in the music education field for more than twelve years as a teacher and teaching assistant as well. Some of her previous employment was MISY and Yangon Academy. She will be working with Bekka in ES music room A 304 at Ext: 304. Her email is


Author visit – save the dates and times that impact your class level.

HS Symphonic Band – Nov 7th at 10:00 am in the area near the Library (see invite below)

Teachers, Students,

Once again the HS Symphonic Band will be presenting our Children’s Concert for elementary school students. The concert will feature the full 40 piece ensemble as well as small ensemble instrument demonstrations. This year’s concert will feature “The Best of Green Day”, Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” from the Hunger Games and music from “How to Train Your Dragon”. In addition we’ll have participation from some of our audience members. We look forward to seeing you there.


I am hoping to have an elementary school event at my house on October the 5th at 4 pm. I will hopefully be able to organise a bus from school to get you there.

Please feel free to bring your partners. Unfortunately this time it will be an adult only event. I hope to organise a more family friendly event in the near future. More information to come.


Professional Learning Sites for all teachers. This is where your goal setting, observations and other professional learning will be housed.

Have a fabulous weekend. Monday is Day 4….